RADIO 5 SQL Ver. 10.0

RADIO 5 SQL Ver. 10.0

Successfully, MEDIA 5 S.R.L. presents in CAPER 2012 the new system RADIO 5 SQL. See. 10.0.

This powerful tool is essential for any radio broadcaster that needs any Broadcast Solution on air and absolute broadcasting control. The new version includes latest technology available in the market, achieving the most stability and compatibility of the format that is needed to reproduce.

In the most important functions, we can highlight:

  • SQL Server Database
  • Multiple windows in the screen of Broadcasting
  • Audio Outputs adaptable in each window
  • Available with WINDOWS XP, VISTA, SEVEN and 8
  • Audio VU meters in every windows
  • Adaptable Fade in each module
  • New image and possibility of creating and erasing SKINS
  • New Audio engine which reproduces all audio formats. Including MP3 PRO and compression with variable BIT RATE.
  • Reports with advance graphics
  • Multi-parameter searching
  • Client-Server functions
  • Musical programmer module with advanced search
  • New user control with the possibility of define each option in the system
  • New control functions for streaming in different formats
  • New module Radio 5 Web to generate streaming with audio and information; Player personalized
  • Chance to download weather information from the net
  • New grids in broadcast window and commercials
  • Information of the historical of emission in each audio online
  • Statistical graphics of commercials
  • Advanced module of daily and weekly commercials with possibility of Automatic Insert of wedge for days and dates, also with the chance of inserting it in the BEGINNING, HALF or END of the Block
  • ID3 TAG importation, several versions
  • Unlimited audio marks
  • Announces of song themes

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