Miguel Angel Pacheco

Miguel Angel Pacheco

I was looking for effective technology, when I found the software RADIO 5 on an international exposition in 1999. Such software is completely developed in Latin America, and it has all the characteristics that we needed. The stations on my charge were Radio Ñanduti 1020 AM, Rock and Pop, Fm Concert in Asunción del Paraguay and Radio Emburucuya from Pedro Juan Caballero, all of them belonging to Radio Holding.

The digitalization software allowed that operators, music programmers and people in charge of advertising could reduce several programs in only one system. It has audio compression formats without a specific requirement of Hardware (Audio Cards). Thus, the music programmer could easily adapt to a new work scheme.

Another advantage is that MEDIA 5, the company that develops RADIO 5, accepts all our suggestions and they incorporate our ideas for new versions.

Today, the Holding is still working with RADIO 5 and all its products. I am still the Production Manager but in another station, FM RGS 94.3, which is also in Asunción del Paraguay.

Why do you think I used all the RADIO 5 products in my station?
Because it is practical, easy to use and efficient. It offers a good technical support and it adapts to our needs.

Asunción, Paraguay

Miguel Angel Pacheco

Miguel PachecoMiguel Angel PachecoMiguel Angel Pacheco